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Beachwalk is a remarkable place

Our community is not only pleasing to the eye with its array of unique and attractive cottages and grand homes, but it also features carefully planned tree-lined streets and lanes. The experience of Beachwalk creates opportunities to connect with neighbors as you meander through our pedestrian-friendly community. Let Beachwalk take you back to a more pleasant time—when people took walks after dinner and kids felt free to ride their bikes or play hopscotch in the streets.

New Urbanism—a new twist on an old idea. Beachwalk is Indiana’s first “new urban” community, but certainly not the last (West Clay is now an important community in the Indianapolis area). Other well-known new urban communities include Seaside, Florida, Kentlands, Maryland, I’on—Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and Celebration—Orlando, Florida. New urbanism, with its attention to detail in street development and commons, generates walkable communities and an intricate fabric of mixed uses and amenities. It puts a 21st Century twist on the way towns were designed generations ago—for people and families to connect and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Little wonder why Beachwalk is a touch point for people taking walks, jogging, or bicycling through the Michiana area. Visitors stop by the café, or wander through the Waterfall Park and Butterfly Garden. Most come to admire the architecture of our charming cottages and grand vacation homes—no two are alike. We are a community where people of all ages can be comfortable—a place where you can relax, feel connected and content.

Beachwalk also a place to “do.” Kayak, play tennis and basketball, golf and fish, bicycle and swim. The kids will fall in love with our amazing sand castle playground. Each evening you can join the migration as Beachwalkers make their way to Lake Michigan to watch the sunset. Watch the sun disappear behind Chicago’s magnificent skyline as you sip wine and the kids catch fireflies.

Beachwalk is a place where you can find family again